Your Solution for Intelligent Customer Engagement

TV customers of all ages are more digitally savvy than ever before, and with so much consumer choice within the TV industry, expectations are at an all-time high. Therefore, any TV service provider must deliver personalised communications to truly differentiate from their competitors – as consumers today don’t just expect operators to take note of their preferences and needs, but to act on them – continuously – with personalised engagement, tailored marketing and communications. However, the critical challenge for pay-TV and OTT operators is to understand their customers and use subscriber data to capture actionable insights that empower operators to strengthen the customer relationship and build loyalty long-term.

Unfortunately, data is often siloed in a complex mixture of in-house and external solutions or platforms including CRMs, analytics solutions, recommendation engines, social engagement tools and marketing automation software; therefore it is increasingly challenging to get a clear view of the overall customer base and their behaviours. Without this valuable insight, it is difficult to identify specific audience types, make the right decisions and take-action quickly to acquire, retain or grow customers.

If a simple marketing campaign takes days to complete, it’s often too late for customers who do not have time to wait. Operators must be able to have easy access to data and be able to execute campaigns instantly.

The Paywizard and Diagnal Solution

Paywizard and Diagnal have come together to enable pay-TV and OTT providers to take a proactive approach to creating and delivering communications and marketing campaigns at the right time to the right customer.

The joint solution helps operators to drive targeted real-time multichannel customer engagement in 6 easy steps:

Step 1: Understand your customers

The key to driving revenues is to segment your customer base into each key Decision Moment – Find, Join, Consume, Bill, Upgrade, Downgrade, Leave and Win Back.

Step 2: Identify a target group

From these key moments, providers can instantaneously identify target groups and with ease based on behaviours, devices, interests and position within the customer lifecycle.

Step 3: Create a Campaign

Depending on the selected target group, it’s then time to choose the campaign channel best suited, from Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads to email marketing, in-app notifications SMS and more.

Step 4: Design your Campaign

Once the channel is suited, operators can then get creative and design the campaign using templates. With this it’s simple to place copy, images and video.

Step 5: Execute your Campaign

Execute your campaign and delight customers with personalised advertising, offers, discounts and communications that build loyalty and satisfaction.

Step 6: Measure Success

Finally, when a campaign is complete it’s important to measure success. Monitor KPIs and reports in real-time and with this insight, learn how to improve performance time and time again.

85% of consumers want a positive, personalised experience from their TV provider

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