Video blog: Delivering a data-rich 360-degree subscriber view for pay-TV operators including predictive churn analytics

Bhavesh Vaghela, CEO, Paywizard

We all know that churn is a major problem for todays’ pay-TV operators and using data effectively to understand customers and identify potential churners is incredibly difficult.

Paywizard and Genius Digital understand this challenge and have come together to create a solution that provides operators with a full 360 data driven view of each subscriber including predictive churn analytics to identify potential leavers with ease. Rich insight into viewing behaviours delivers a greater understanding of what motivates customers to churn. The new solution even includes personalised recommendations to the operator on the best package offers to provide to the customer to maximise revenue and boost customer loyalty.

Watch the interview with Bhavesh to find out more about the Paywizard and Genius Digital partnership.

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