The Ups and Downs of Customer Relationships

The Ups and Downs of Customer RelationshipsIn life, every relationship has its ebbs and flows, going up and down much like the waves of the sea. The dynamic between pay-TV operators and their subscribers is no different. Our new global research has revealed that close to half of consumers have retained a TV service they might have otherwise cancelled because of a positive customer experience.

In “How to Love Your Subscribers, a 2017 Guide,” we explain why it’s critical for pay-TV operators to deliver a superior customer experience across each Decision Moment to be successful in 2017. In this post, we’ll delve into the ‘“Upgrade” and “Downgrade” moments of the subscriber journey.

Remember to KISS – (Keep It Simple and Straightforward)

The “Upgrade” moment is the decision from subscribers to increase the level of financial commitment to a service in exchange for more channels, premium content or even additional device access or set-top boxes for multi-room viewing.

To increase the likelihood of upgrades, make the process simple and straightforward with as few clicks as possible. However, ensure that the upgrade process is initiated from behind subscriber authentication controls so that non-paying subscribers can’t upgrade. Always ensure that messaging clearly describes the value of upgrading as well as legal terms and conditions that use plain language and can be affirmed through an acceptance check box.

If you love them, let them downgrade

The “Downgrade” moment is the decision by a subscriber to reduce subscription to a pay-TV service. This may be triggered by many factors ranging from content scarcity, pricing, seasonality or a rival offering. However, the fluid nature of modern TV services means that handling this moment well will help to promote service loyalty.

Some subscribers will downgrade; it happens. In some cases, providing an alternative such as pausing a subscription or slimming a package may well persuade a subscriber to make a smaller reduction in spending then originally intended. Basic packages that offer the most popular content or even reduce the number of STBs / access devices could ease financial concerns. It is also wise to regularly educate users on things that they may have missed like catch-up, music services, series link and DVR and other features which may sway the decision.

Show subscribers some love and download a copy of our new guide for more advice and tips for ‘Upgrade’, ‘Downgrade’ and the other Decision Moments.