Two Critical Moments to Spread Love

All pay-TV operators want their subscribers to love them, this results in subscriber retention, consumption and satisfaction, but how many operators go out of their way to treat their subscribers as if they love them in return? With an increasingly competitive TV landscape, it’s absolutely critical for pay-TV operators to deliver a superior customer experience across each Decision Moment to be successful in 2017. In our previous post, we discussed ways to achieve this during the ‘find’ and ‘join’ moments, here, we’ll offer a few tips on ways to show subscribers love during the ‘Consume’ and ‘Bill’ moments.

Consumed by Love

The “Consume” process is the ease by which subscribers can discover and consume content that they have paid for within their pay-TV service package, across all of their devices. To show subscribers love during this moment, consider offering content reward programs. For pay-per-view services, the opportunity to offer selective archive material such as a historic sporting event at a heavily discounted rate can generate goodwill and showcase often overlooked catalogued material. Content rewards don’t have to be price specific. For example, an offer to watch more of season 1 and receive early access to season 2 or an offer for access to exclusive backstage content. Offers of this nature encourage more consumption and customer loyalty.

Love is Free

The “Bill” process is the ability to take payments on time and via payment methods that suit the subscriber. From an operator perspective, this means a method of accurately and securely collecting money for each service consumed, in multiple territories, currencies and through various payment methods. To cater to subscribers, operators should be clear about billing changes. Changes such as subscription rate increases should be highly visible, in the EPG at login with a clear explanation of the reasoning behind the change

The inherent flexibility of monthly rolling contracts can lead to high churn rates due to a ‘dip in and out’ mind-set held by subscribers, traditional cable and satellite operators also need to stand up and take notice of this growing trend that highlights the need to create a greater sense of allegiance from subscribers. To succeed in 2017, reputation, trust and a superior customer experience are a must to attract, retain and drive subscriber loyalty.

Download a copy of ‘How to Love Your Subscribers the 2017 guide’ for more advice and tips for ‘Consume’, ‘Bill’ and the other Decision Moments.