‘Three quarters of Brazilians to use Internet TV services this Christmas’, says Paywizard survey


  • 50% of Brazilians plan to sign up to an Internet TV service prior to Christmas
  • Brazilians almost twice as likely to subscribe than European, US or Asian consumers
  • Worldwide, almost half of Internet TV subscribers plan to cancel within 6 months

15 December 2015 – Paid TV streaming in Brazil is growing faster than any other region, as a staggering 79% of consumers plan to use Internet TV services this Christmas. This is according to a new Research Now study, commissioned by Paywizard, the expert in subscriber management for pay-TV. According to the study, 29% of Brazilians are already using paid streaming services like Clarovideo, Esporte Interactive Plus and InifiTV, while an additional 50% of consumers are intending to sign up to these and other services for Christmas. Netflix is the most popular Internet TV service in Brazil amongst the 29 million households that have a fixed broadband connection*.

Great news for providers – OTT TV will be a big hit for consumers this Christmas


Brazilian consumers are the most receptive towards Internet TV compared to five other countries surveyed across the world. The trend is boosted by a rapidly growing broadband subscriber community, active competition and aggressive pricing, such as Clarovideo offering its monthly Internet TV subscription for the equivalent of $4.96 USD, less than half the price of a Netflix standard subscription in the US. Along with streaming, Brazilians have the highest level of mobile TV viewing this Christmas, with a third of consumers using a mobile phone to watch TV and a quarter of consumers watching TV via a tablet.

These findings are part of a global study highlighting that Internet TV services will be a big hit with consumers around the world this Christmas, with 52% of viewers planning to use an online TV service during the festive season. The study, which surveyed consumers in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, the UK and US, analysed how consumers plan on watching TV this Christmas, which TV services they prefer and which devices they plan to use.

Brazilian consumers, in common with other surveyed regions, are not planning on staying with their Internet TV provider, with 29% saying they will leave within 6 months.

  • Although mobile is on the rise, 84% of Brazilians will watch the traditional TV set this Christmas
  • 67% of Brazilians would consider signing up to more than one streaming service this Christmas
  • Brazilians are more driven by specific content with 52% saying they signed up for a streaming service because “There is a series/film on this service that I want to watch” – the highest percentage in the survey.
  • Men over 55 will watch the most TV this Christmas, as they plan to watch more than 20 hours of TV a week.

Nearly half of Brazilian consumers are planning to take out a Netflix subscription prior to Christmas


“Brazil is one of the world’s fastest growing regions for Internet TV.  With a population in excess of 200 million and annual Internet subscriber growth of 7%, one of the fastest in the world, the opportunity for Brazilians to enjoy TV anywhere services is growing. But TV operators need to become more creative both in terms of content and business models that can capture what is still a relatively untapped landscape in comparison to saturated US markets. They need to consider how they can better engage with subscribers to reduce the high levels of churn and drive higher levels of profitability,” said Bhavesh Vaghela, Chief Marketing Officer at Paywizard.

For the full Brazil infographic please download here. The complete Paywizard study, entitled ‘OTT isn’t just for Christmas’, is available to download here.