Think Beyond Billing – Part Two: 8 Easy Steps To Help with Migrating


blog imagery2In our last blog , we looked at the key things operators need to be aware of when preparing to change their thinking from billing-centric to subscriber-centric.

In this blog, we’re going to take you through actually making that change. Firstly, when it comes to migrating to a Subscriber-centric SMS platform, the key is to operate with the customer in mind. Here are eight easy steps to follow in order to ensure success:

1. Migrate existing data – limit the need to recapture customer information; planning is everything so carefully consider what data will be required

2. Set-up payment methods – payment errors increase customer dissatisfaction and churn; migrate existing customer payment references into the new SMS platform

3. Redirect the presentation layer – consider the optimum approach to move logins, registrations, subscription forms, etc.

4. Integration accreditation – conduct an accreditation exercise with your new provider prior to going live; examine all integration points and API usage

5. Internationalisation – consider this as part of your overall migration process; enable presentation in a number of different currencies and languages

6. Integrate with other systems – understand what functionality and data can be transferred into the new subscriber-centric platform; consider broadband, operator billing, mobile phone services, fulfilment, etc.

7. Configuration – there are a number of areas to consider configuring here, including: packages and discounts, credit control cycle, digital assets, reports, communication templates, automated processing, etc.

8. Content & security entitlement – key requirements to monetise any service are robust entitlement checks and content security; ensure platform is built to support any pay-TV solution, particularly DVB, DTT and OTT

A subscriber-centric platform with advanced subscription, billing and CRM capability provides operators with a robust tool to manage subscribers across each of the customer Decision Moments. Download our latest paper for more insight into how to love your subscribers, beyond billing.