Seven things you didn’t know about Paywizard

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Paywizard turned 18 this year, and we’ve achieved a lot in that time. However, we were surprised to find out that some people think we’re only a billing provider. It’s true that we do billing really well, but we’re much more than that. It’s a bit like buying a Swiss Army Knife and only ever using the bottle opener – there’s so much more you can use Paywizard for.

To set the record straight we’ve made a list of the things that are likely to surprise people who don’t already work with us:

1. There are integration APIs for content, customer management and support as well as your billing process
We can connect to your technology stack and help you drive revenue for yourself or for your customers. Our Agile platform can connect to one or many of these systems at once to simplify your service and reduce costs to improve profitability.

2. Dashboards show real-time insights for every stage of your customers’ lifecycle
Our Insights Dashboard is a one stop shop for your customers to understand performance. We’re constantly developing new features and with so much data to hand we can help your customers learn more about their subscribers in surprising ways.

3. We understand what makes a great customer experience and how to deliver it
From find and join to consume and billing, Paywizard’s systems and people can help your customers deliver a superior subscriber experience and help them love their subscribers. Customer experience is one of the most important differentiators, and billing is just one part of the journey.

4. It’s not just about IT and Finance. Every department can get what they need, from Marketing and Sales…
Our insights and systems enable your sales and marketing efforts by providing opportunities for personalisation and real-time insights. We’ve got case studies of that show you can help your customers boost subscriber acquisition by as much as 50%.

5. … to Customer Service and support
As well as increasing sales through better personalisation, you can improve retention and reduce subscriber churn by 60%. It’s all about giving the customer what they want and being proactive rather than seeing customer churn as inevitable.

6. Our tried-and-tested is trusted by big brands to manage their subscriber experience
NBCU, BT Sport, BoxNation and many more trust us to turn viewers into paying subscribers.

7. Technology alone isn’t enough. You need the expertise only the best people can offer
We have 18 years experience with many of our staff having been with us since day one – that’s a lot of years of expert knowledge!

So, was there anything in that list that surprised you? If we’ve shed a little light on what you could do differently then talk to us. Let’s work together to supercharge your technology solution – we’d love to work with you.