Santa Claus is Coming to the Americas – Where OTT Reigns Supreme

Our second annual survey, delving into the TV watching habits of consumers during the Christmas season revealed many interesting findings around the globe, including that 45% of those surveyed are already subscribed to an OTT service, showing that OTT is still booming. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the results from within the Americas, where we surveyed consumers in the US and Brazil.

US: All I Want for Christmas
The US market is showing signs of saturation, with 55% of consumers – the most in any market surveyed – already having at least one pay-OTT subscription. Unlike all the other markets in the survey, growth rate has declined – as 26% of US consumers plan to subscribe to an OTT service for the first time or sign up for an additional service (down from 31% last year). This shows that while OTT is still growing, it is losing some momentum in the US.

What is gaining momentum in this region is the use of streaming devices and game consoles for Christmas TV viewing – more than the other markets surveyed – with 19% planning to use streaming devices in 2016 versus 15% in 2015; and the use of gaming consoles growing from 12% to 15%. This shows that while there may not be as big of an opportunity in the US for pay-OTT operators this Christmas, the potential for streaming device manufactures is huge.

Paywizard US device preferences

Brazil: Giving Love on Christmas Day
Brazilian consumers, on the other hand, are hungry for OTT services and what’s more, most new subscribers plan to keep them. Of the countries surveyed, Brazilians are the most likely to subscribe to a pay-OTT service for the first time this Christmas, at 30%, and to subscribe to a second service at 20%. Brazilians are also more likely to use smartphones to view Christmas TV than anyone else in the survey (35%). Interestingly enough, they are also the least likely of any country asked to cancel within six months, at just 30%.

Paywizard - OTT growth in Brazil 2016

Numbers like this make Brazil an ideal country to acquire new OTT subscribers. However, providers have to stay on their toes, because relative to cost, customer experience is a much larger factor in Brazil than in other markets – as 57% of existing subscribers say that a “bad customer experience” would lead them to cancel, this is nearly as high as the 60% that cite “too expensive” as a factor in defection.

The pay-OTT market may be a little overripe in the US, but it’s prime for the picking in Brazil. Operators have an opportunity to win the hearts of millions of consumers this Christmas, but must be laser focused on delivering a sublime customer experience. If they do, Brazilians are willing to show their loyalty, by sticking around long after Santa leaves town.

For more information on the Christmas TV viewing plans of consumers within the US, Brazil and around the world, download the paper, ‘OTT isn’t just for Christmas: The Gift that Keeps on Giving’.