‘Proactive subscriber management will drive pay-TV profitability’ says latest report from Paywizard

Insights show how subscriber management can help operators reduce churn, increase ARPU and unlock new market potential

London, 7 September 2015 – Paywizard, the specialist in subscriber management for pay-TV, has published its latest report, outlining how pay-TV operators can generate new revenue opportunities and increase profitability in the evolving and competitive TV market.  The paper, entitled: ‘Subscriber Management: The Driving Force Behind Pay-TV Profitability’, shows operators how proactive subscriber management is the key to increasing acquisition, ARPU and reducing churn, and ultimately, boosting profitability.

The pay-TV industry is constantly growing and with 1.5 billion digital TV homes around the world, operators are looking to grab a share of a TV market set to be worth $400 billion by 2020. Leading operators talk about churn levels of 10% annually or less but in high growth markets within Asia and South America for example, it is common to hear of figures closer to 20-30%. But with intense competition, subscribers are actively responding to what is perceived as poor service, high cost or lack of content. In the Internet age of instant accessibility, operators are faced with some hard choices and asking the same question: What can we do to increase profitability?

Paywizard’s latest paper examines the power of subscriber management in winning, growing and most importantly, retaining subscriber revenues. It establishes three performance indicators and demonstrates how proactive subscriber management can effectively improve these, helping operators build successful and profitable pay-TV businesses.

“Reducing churn is absolutely vital if operators want to own a profitable and sustainable pay-TV business – yet 1 in 3 subscribers is at risk of switching to a new pay-TV service provider,” said Jonathan Guthrie, CEO of Paywizard. “Our latest paper outlines what exactly operators need to do to increase acquisition, increase ARPU and most importantly reduce churn. It shows how small changes can lead to dramatic increases in profitability, adding millions of dollars to the bottom line year on year.”

The full Paywizard report, ‘Subscriber Management: The Driving Force Behind Pay-TV Profitability’, is available for download.