Paywizard Through the Years: 20 years on

Who can believe it, that we’re already celebrating our 20th anniversary? Throughout the years at Paywizard, we’ve achieved a lot and looking back, it’s amazing to see how much the company has grown.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked on interesting projects helping operators around the world to grow their business and provide the best experience possible to their customers. Here are just a few of our key accomplishments!

Our Early Achievements

The business was founded in 1998 and just one year later, we signed our first client, Sony B4U, bringing Asian content to the UK market. From there we began helping our clients to grow their customer base with inbound and outbound acquisition campaigns. Back then we also completed our first independent integration with Sky to support independent TV channels on the Sky platform. And we launched and supported our very first pay-per-view event way back in 2001, which was for a football event with U>Direct.

Fast Expansion

As the market grew in the early noughties, we grew with it! Our first high volume platform was launched as well as adding offers and discounts functionality, flexible bundling and more! Our client base grew, as well as bringing on many key integrations with partners to enhance our platform. This was also the time we began helping DigitalUK with the UK Digital Switchover, offering all contact centre support for those who needed guidance throughout the transition, and we’re still helping with this today! At this point, Paywizard had 7 branches in the UK and over 2000 members of staff.

Always keen to stay ahead of the game, Paywizard has always tried to innovate and we launched our MyPayWizard eWallet which offered a secure, safe and trusted way to pay for digital content online. This was way ahead of its time and before mobile payments had really taken off.

Helping Put Customer Experience First

Back in 2010, we began carrying out customer acquisition campaigns via online webchat as well as signing our first online subscription service. We started providing real-time analytics via online interface and not long after had our own mobile app. We alsosigned our first OTT client, NBC Universal as well as the launch of our Subscription, Billing and CRM Platform, Agile.

We secured £3.5 million in funding to grow our business globally and opened an office in Singapore and a Technical Centre in the Philippines. As a result, our client base expanded with our first international client, Azubu as well as our first client is APAC, Asian Vision. We also began assisting NBC Nigeria back in 2015, working alongside our partner Inview to support the Nigerian Digital Switchover. As time went on, our experience showed that no matter what type of business and what content an operators had, if they couldn’t provide a good overall customer experience, customers wouldn’t stay around for long.

Our Decision Moments Framework

Using our knowledge and expertise, in 2016 Paywizard developed and launched our Decision Moments framework. We believe that to win the hearts and minds of consumers, operators must take an approach centred around the customer journey to acquire, retain and grow loyal customer and ensure customers are receiving the best experience possible no matter where they are on the journey.  Pay-TV and OTT operators can identify customers during the critical 8 Decision Moments – Find, Join, Consume, Bill, Upgrade, Downgrade, Leave and Win Back – and tailor marketing campaigns and customer engagement strategies to maximise satisfaction. Through predictive models, partnerships and more, we’ve grown our platform to where it is today and since the launch of Decision Moments, have won 6 awards in a row at 5 industry events for our technology.

It Doesn’t Stop Here

Now in our 20th year, we are continuing to grow and expand to keep up with the ever-changing pay-TV industry and helping operators provide an excellent customer experience.

To find out more about Paywizard and how we can help you grow your business, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Here’s to the next 20 years…