Paywizard + OVPs = a Match Made in Pay-TV Heaven


Paywizard’s subscription data, paired with the viewer analytics provided by OVPs offer greater insights to pay-TV operators. Online Video Platforms (OVPs) do an amazing job of data collection as well as a whole host of things such as video delivery, content management, ad delivery, uploading, publishing, playback…etc but what we are all interested in is data and how it can be best used.

Here at Paywizard, we’ve had the pleasure of partnering with many of the world’s leading OVPs, including Clearleap, Brightcove, Kaltura, xStream, Arqiva, Ooyala, thePlatform and Quickplay We’ve found that there is a special synergy between the subscription data from our Agile platform and the video analytics and streaming analytics provided by OVPs, operators and broadcasters can benefit from these partnerships and data insights… Below you can find out how:

Data – Supercharged

OVPs collect a wide range of data often falling into 3 main groups: behavioral data, operational data and finally budget/resource data All this comes from the video content being played. As a subscription management platform, our data and insights cover the customer moments providing insight on areas such as churn, billing, upgrade and downgrade, consumption and the viewer data provided by OVPs enhances this, allowing us to cover each and every customer moment in more depth. This creates a strong value proposition for operators, as the analytics presented by combining the power of OVPs, used alongside Paywizard further enhances the Decision Moments; eight key interactions your customers go through which allow for more informed media and marketing strategies and decisions.

Monetization – Amplified

OVPs can help bring monetization everywhere while operators and broadcasters bring content, moving prospects through the customer journey faster and more effectively. OVPs provide your video platform and bring monetization with operators and broadcasters pushing out content. With all this technology in place viewers move through your customer journey faster and more efficiently. Paywizard on top of this can provide additional insights to help with your monetization giving ample opportunity for revenue generation during the find, join and bill decision moments of the customer lifecycle. By marrying these Paywizard with your OVP technology, operators and broadcaster enjoy greater awareness, engagement, conversion, retention and advocacy. The customer journey is made brilliant by OVPs, enhancing the decision moments and analytics Paywizard provides from subscriptions along with our CRM capabilities.

By integrating Paywizard’s Subscription, Billing and CRM platform with an OVP software, operators can maximise the potential of today’s TV Everywhere landscape, easily delivering VOD content over IP and creating an agile, subscription-based business model. All while maximising the value of your content – without compromising the customer experience.

Learn more about customer Decision Moments by checking out our latest whitepaper at Find out more about partnering with Paywizard