Paywizard joins the UX revolution with Massive

How often do you sit down to watch your favourite TV show, and get recommendations for content you just don’t want to watch? Or have you ever received emails containing offers for TV packages you’re not even interested in?

Having a TV service provider that make us feel like they truly understand what our needs are goes a long way, and more operators should be taking this on board. Paywizard and Massive believe that providing a personalised and relevant TV experience should be at the forefront of an operators business approach. With competition in the TV market being bigger than ever and consumers becoming even more demanding, operators must shift from content centric to customer centric to succeed.

The Paywizard and Massive Solution

Paywizard and Massive have come together to create a brand-new solution for operators that allows them to have a truly personal, customer centric, data-driven approach to their UI and UX.

The solution enables operators to use rich data insight and predictive analytics to target subscribers based on their profiles and viewing behaviour at each key Decision Moment in the customer journey. Using this insight, operators can then adapt their front end website or app and push the right content, offers or assistance to the right users at the right time, on the right devices.

This joint solution gives consumers a targeted and relevant customer experience, improving and growing the relationship between consumer and provider at the eight key stages of the customer journey; Find, Join, Consume, Upgrade, Downgrade, Bill, Leave and Winback. By delivering data-driven personalisation, operators will not only deliver an excellent customer’s experience but will improve customer engagement with the service, allowing operators to maximise acquisition and retention, achieve optimum commercialisation and increase average revenue per user (ARPU).

The customer experience element of a provider-subscriber relationship has become the most critical consideration for most OTT services. Global research published by Paywizard earlier this year revealed that failure to understand a customer – and to provide a consistently positive customer experience as a result – can have a fatal impact on a subscriber relationship. A quarter of the 6,200-plus consumers surveyed had cancelled a digital pay-TV service as a result of poor customer experience, while close to half had retained a subscription they considered terminating because of positive factors such as attention to customer needs, understanding of preferences, spot-on content recommendations, response to changes in usage and package flexibility.

If you would like to deliver targeted UX of your OTT service at each Decision Moment, get in touch today.