Paywizard enhances Agile to enable Pay-TV providers to better track and act on subscribers’ key ‘Decision Moments’

  • IBC 2016 sees an upgrade of the Paywizard Agile platform to help operators drive subscriber acquisition and retention, while improving the customer experience
  • New features include an enhanced Decision Moments Dashboard with more granular subscriber segmentation, subscriber movements reports and improved payment capture functionality
  • Demonstrations of the new platform will be available on the Paywizard Booth at IBC (Hall 14, Stand F32)

Paywizard Agile enhanced dashboard

Amsterdam, 6 September 2016Paywizard, the specialist in subscription, billing and CRM for pay-TV, has announced that at IBC 2016 it is launching a number of key enhancements to its subscriber management platform, Paywizard Agile, which will boost an operators’ ability to act on customer insights that build stronger and more enduring relationships.

The IBC launch of the enhanced Paywizard Agile, which follows the initial introduction of the platform earlier this year at NAB in Las Vegas, incorporates a number of critical improvements that enable operators to more easily and precisely target customers – both for acquisition and retention – at each of the critical ‘Decision Moments’ along the subscriber journey. These are identified as Find, Join, Consume, Upgrade, Downgrade, Bill, Leave, and Win Back.

The award-winning Paywizard Agile platform, with its enhanced Decision Moments Dashboard (released at NAB and voted ‘Best in Show’), will be demonstrated 9-13 September at Stand F32 in Hall 14 at IBC 2016. The dashboard enables operators to track the progress of subscribers through each stage of their customer journey in a more seamless way than ever, allowing them to select specific Decision Moments and structure activity around each particular stage.

Bhavesh Vaghela, Chief Marketing Officer at Paywizard, comments: “Managing subscribers successfully is all about better understanding your customers and having the capability to more effectively react to their circumstances, preferences and needs. This latest version of Paywizard Agile arms operators with the technology necessary to read where subscribers are in each of the ‘Decision Moments’ of their customer journey and act with greater effect in each case.”

Paywizard has streamlined the reporting and campaign filtering capability of Agile to allow Pay-TV and over-the-top (OTT) service providers to more quickly and easily access insight into subscriber movements at each Decision Moment. Vaghela explains that operators can then move proactively to win over a new prospect, prevent the loss of an existing customer, or upgrade the package of a loyal subscriber.

“Our aim is to empower Pay-TV providers to identify subscriber movements and take action when it will be most effective,” he notes. “For instance, the Decision Moments dashboard allows operators to see when potential customers have gone through most of the registration process via a website and then clicked away – in effect, an ‘abandoned basket’ – so they can then follow up with an appropriate offer. Or it can show when ‘silver’ level subscribers’ viewing patterns indicate they’re ripe for and upgrade to a ‘gold’ package, triggering the right messaging at the right time.”

The most notable new features embedded in the new Paywizard Agile platform include:

Subscriber Movement Reports – In-depth customer activity and financial reports are now completely integrated into the core of the Decision Moments dashboard, putting an instant snapshot of subscriber activity at the operator’s fingertips;

Campaign filtering – More granular segmentation for each Decision Moment, including active churn analysis and monitoring of subscription movements, allows better targeted and timed communications at each stage of the customer journey – including offers to pre-empt churn or change to a more suitable package;

Capture PSP Payment Methods – Greater payment flexibility and ease of use means the ‘Bill’ moment becomes smoother for both operator and subscriber, improving the overall customer experience and preventing potential friction points.

The comprehensive updates to the Agile platform were guided directly by the findings from Paywizard’s 2016 study in partnership with research firm Decipher, which explored the attitudes of Pay-TV subscribers in the US and UK and pinpointed the key Decision Moments. The research also revealed that service levels and customer experience are now seen to be as important as content and value for money in differentiating TV services. Consumer satisfaction and perceptions of service were found to be strongly dependent on how TV operators act at each Decision Moment.

To book a demo of Paywizard Agile at IBC, please click here. The latest Paywizard Decision Moment eBook entitled Seize the Moments: Easy Exit, Welcome Return is available for download here.