Pay-TV Consumers: 90 Days to Woo them or Lose them


Pay-TV Consumers: 90 Days to Woo them or Lose them

There was a time when pay-TV providers had a pretty sweet gig. Sure, there was some competition between cable and satellite providers, but when consumers only had two or three options, everyone still got a big slice of the pie. Today, the explosion of OTT has changed the game. Competition is fierce, and what once served as major differentiators – conten-711t and price – are now becoming less and less exclusive.

Based on our experience of working on more than 100 projects with TV operators around the globe, coupled with our research, conducted by Decipher, we’ve uncovered 8 key moments across the subscriber lifecycle. We’ve already outlined the first two – Find and Join. In this post, we introduce Consume and Bill, and discuss the critical 90-day period operators have to make these moments count.

No time to waste

More Competition + Less Differentiation = More Churn. The notion of consumer loyalty is dwindling fast. The good news is, there’s something operators can do to counter these high levels of churn. The caveat – they only have three months to do it.

Within that first 90 days of a subscription, operators must engage a subscriber, familiarise them with the service, bill them seamlessly and encourage as much content consumption as possible. This approach helps to promote subscriber satisfaction, loyalty and increased ARPU.

Consumption is key

It is during the decision moment Consume, that pay-TV subscribers long for the ability to seamlessly view their favourite content anywhere and through any device. The key is to offer flexibility, allowing and encouraging content to be consumed across devices – both at home and on the go – offering a consistent user experience everywhere they watch.

Subscriber engagement is also key during this critical 90-day window. Operators can achieve this through providing helpful user guides, customer service channels and recommendation technology. Content should be easy to find via search functionality, allowing the consumer to quickly find what they want and consume it.

Billing Basics

It is during the decision moment Bill, that pay-TV subscribers demand subscription billing to be simple, timely and accurate, using a payment method that suits them. Therefore, it is critical for operators to leverage payment service providers to securely collect payment, being careful not to isolate anyone by limiting payment methods available. Lastly, communication between the subscriber and service should be completely transparent regarding any billing issues in order to retain the customer.

Ironically, an industry that is notorious for its lack of customer service, must quickly shift focus to the consumer if they want to compete in the new TV landscape. Customer service and customer experience are the new differentiators and operators must make the first 90 days of a TV subscription a great consumer experience in order to achieve subscriber loyalty.

Learn more about how to make the first 90 days count by checking out our new white paper.