OTT TV market set to double this Christmas

Christmas euphoria to lead to New Year blues as 45% cancel within 6 months

Gathering in front of the TV has become a time-honored Christmas tradition for families around the globe. In fact, a recent study from adtech firm RadiumOne revealed that consumers are expected to watch a mind-numbing 296 million hours of TV per day over the upcoming holiday season. Extended time off from work allowing for a boost in TV viewing, both solo – as a respite from the daily grind and as quality time spent with loved ones.

If you’re old school, your family may enjoy the nostalgia of your 32nd time watching A Miracle on 34th Street.  Cooler crews may opt for a binge-worthy streaming day of Bad Santa – while the kids stream Home Alone on your iPad before the family gets back together for A Nightmare Before Christmas – in all its whimsical stick figure weirdness, to begin.

‘Tis the Season – to Stream TV

In November 2015, Paywizard commissioned a global survey, in an effort to understand consumer behavior toward purchasing online video during the Christmas season. Respondents were asked how much TV they plan to watch during the holidays, which regional TV services they prefer and which devices they plan to use to satisfy their holiday TV fix.


The results of the survey were surprising, with 52% of viewers planning to watch an OTT TV service like Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video and StarHub Go during the holiday season. About 25% will be existing subscribers, but 27% will be brand new customers, causing the market to effectively double in size, practically overnight – NOW do you believe in the magic of Christmas?

The traditional TV still reigns supreme for holiday viewing, with 80% of respondents planning to sit in front of the telly. However, mobile devices are most popular for OTT Christmas TV, as laptops, tablets and smartphones account for two thirds (66%) of viewing. It’s no surprise that Millennials prefer streaming, as 25-34 year olds make up the largest group of existing subscribers, with an additional 40% planning to sign up prior to Christmas.

Device preference for watching TV during the Christmas period


The survey also exposed an eagerness by consumers to consider signing up to more than one OTT TV service before Christmas, revealing that consumers are not totally satisfied with their current service providers or free-to-air alternatives. Consequently, a staggering 45% of OTT subscribers plan to cancel immediately or within six months after Christmas, mostly due to cost and a lack of quality content.

Top acquisition and retention drivers per country


This Christmas season poses a huge opportunity for OTT providers to bring in new revenue, while also intensifying subscriber retention activities and beefing up their current catalogue of movies and TV shows available in an effort to reduce subscriber churn. Quitters surveyed responded that richer content (54%) and lower cost (33%) are your best bets in persuading them to stay. So if you want to get ahead this holiday season, get your elves in gear, ‘cause Christmas time is here!

And here’s our gift to you – download the paper here for more insights into the Christmas TV viewing habits of consumers.