Ostmodern CEO Tom Williams shares the importance of building relationships with your customers

It’s been an interesting year in the TV industry and there’s been a change in market. Last year was very device focused and it has shifted this year to finding business models that work, and seeing that customer experience plays a fundamental part in delivering. One size fits all model doesn’t work as well anymore when it comes to driving revenue, according to Ostmodern CEO Tom Williams.

In our interview, Tom looks at the key challenges operators face with UX, building strong brand experiences and the differences between SVOD and pay-per-view.

When it comes to pay-per-view, it’s important to think beyond just one event, and doing this gives you the opportunity to build lasting relationships with customers for the first time. Paywizard and Ostmodern recently announced their brand new PPV solution, Venue – a revolutionary approach to PPV which allows you to do this, combing 20 years of experience in the industry.

Watch our video interview and find out more about Venue here.