On the Day Support for Pay-Per-View Events

Here at Paywizard, we recently celebrated our 20th anniversary and looking back, it’s been over 18 years since we first started supporting pay-per-view (PPV) clients to fully manage their events. With our heritage in the PPV market, Paywizard are able to help rights holders before, during and after events, ensuring everything runs as smooth as possible.

PPV offerings are on the rise, and different types of operators, from free-to-air broadcasters to OTT are now getting involved. Earlier this year, BT Sports announced it would be launching its’ own pay-per-view channel, BT Sport Box Office and Amazon Prime have even started showing UFC events on their streaming service. We recently shared our tips on what to do in the run-up to an event, here’s some insight into on the day support we provide to our PPV clients.

Live Monitoring

Constant monitoring of systems throughout the buying windows is extremely important, but this is even more crucial on event days. Paywizard conduct live monitoring not only on our own systems, but PSPs and third-party vendors too as it’s important on event days where sign-ups peak to identifying any glitches as this has the biggest impact to both the service provider and customers. Paywizard are specialists in managing relationships with other vendors and can take the lead if any problems arise. Our experience makes us the best people to assist if anything goes wrong as we’re able to quickly identify and resolve issues.

Full Communication

Event days are all go, but we make sure our clients are constantly in the loop with bridge calls, text messages and emails throughout the day sharing what’s going on – whether that’s peaks in purchases, any problems and other important information. Our clients can also access their online dashboard to monitor purchases and KPIs from any location. Where needed, we are also in full communication with relevant partners and vendors to keep everyone on the same page, ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Multi-platform Customer Service Support

As well as making sure everything’s running smoothly behind the scenes, Paywizard can also provide customer support for our clients, from purchases over the phone, dealing with messages coming through on social and email to helping with issues on web chat. Our expertise means that operators can relax and know that their customers are in safe hands and enquiries will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. We can offer contact centre support on-site where needed and if a client uses their own contact centre or another third party, our skilled team members can be there for additional support to keep everything on track.

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