Monetising Multiscreen in the Middle East

Two weeks ago the PayWizard team flew out to Dubai for the first ever IBC Content Everywhere show in the Middle East. Those of us familiar with IBC (which I am sure is most) will know IBC Content Everywhere better as Hall 14 – where everything multiscreen comes to life. But IBC has now taken this brand and launched the IBC Content Everywhere shows as a series of global events spanning Europe, LATAM and MENA.

Taking place from the 20-22 January, IBC MENA brought together professionals from not only the Middle East and North Africa, but from around the world. From production,  apps, devices,  social media and the cloud, it was a really effective platform for networking and showcasing what we have to offer the industry. And although only a small show, it was clear that opportunities were thriving, as around the show floor you could see small groups of people getting together to share ideas, network and do business.

The show was also a great opportunity to kick-start the year and discuss the latest goings on in the Content Everywhere landscape. Content Everywhere is affecting every area of the TV market around the world. More and more companies are looking to find ways to monetise the opportunity of multiscreen, and emerging markets like the Middle East and North Africa are increasingly turning to the European and US TV landscapes to determine its future.

But monetising multiscreen is no easy feat, and pay-TV providers around the world are facing the challenge of meeting consumer demands whilst creating profitable TV services – especially when unauthorised entertainment alternatives are just one click away.

During IBC MENA we spoke on the panel “Adding value to content everywhere through personalisation”, and discussed how personalisation is helping pay-TV providers to monetise their services. Taking place on the Tuesday afternoon, the panel discussed and debated how personalisation is becoming a tool that will help linear broadcast fight back, as well as the market entry strategies open to companies by leveraging personalisation.

The panel agreed that individual personalisation was key in delivering relevant content that you can monetise. And for PayWizard, although insights and subscriber data gives companies the opportunity to target customers on an individual level and drive revenues, it has to be supported by a flexible payment model to drive profitable revenues. The ability to provide good value for money, ease of use, as well as the flexibility to pay and buy content is crucial in monetising content, catering to changing consumption habits and ultimately maximising off of the opportunities that personalisation presents in the Content Everywhere landscape.

We were asked what we see happening with personalisation and monetisation over the next 12 months. For us, it will be more about individual engagement, how subscribers interact with their TV services, and the role second screen devices will be playing in that. The usability of registering and paying for content from the TV is poor, and we believe that we will be seeing more of how second screen apps are helping to sign up and pay for their favourite content, as well as engage more on an individual level with their services.

It is clear that the interest in Content Everywhere will continue to grow during 2015 and PayWizard is  focused on driving monetisation for our clients, and helping them to be proactive and implement successful monetisation strategies to maximise revenue and profitability.  Ultimately, in today’s Content Everywhere landscape, viewers are willing to pay for TV services that allow them to watch their favourite content, on the device of their choice, hassle-free. But for pay-TV providers around the world, whether they are in the Middle East, or around the globe, monetising Content Everywhere means delivering engaging and personalized content experiences across screens, platforms and territories – and this is what PayWizard is here to do.

Jamie Mackinlay, SVP Sales and Marketing