2017 – The Year to Love Your Subscribers!

In this interview our CMO Bhavesh Vaghela discusses why customer experience is critical for operators with Colin Dixon, Founder and Chief Analyst at nScreenMedia.

Poor customer experience will cost the pay-TV industry billions in lost revenue in 2017

Customer experience is now as critical as content and cost for pay-TV subscribers as four out of five would cancel their pay-TV service due to a poor experience.

Therefore, is it now a strategic priority for operators to deliver a superior experience at each step of the subscriber journey to succeed this year.

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“Over the last 18 years’ we have run thousands of acquisition, retention and win back campaigns for our clients, managing millions of customers in the process. We know what it takes to get a customer on-board and leverage data to deliver a great experience throughout each key moment in the customer journey.

To succeed in 2017, reputation, trust and a superior customer experience are a must to drive loyalty so we have put together a new guide for you containing lots of advice and a number of tips we have learned along the way.”

Susanne Anderson

Client Delivery Manager

Our Pay-TV specialists

Written by our pay-TV specialists, download your free guide to show your subscribers some love in 2017

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