How to Love Your Subscribers From the Very Start

Love your subscribersThe pay-TV industry has recently become extremely competitive, with many players – big and small – jockeying to find and win as many subscribers as they can. However, the reality is, poor customer experience is costing the pay-TV industry billions in lost revenue each year, as customer experience has become one of the top three reasons subscribers cancel their service.

Customer experience has quickly become just as critical to pay-TV subscribers as content and cost. Therefore, operators must deliver a superior customer experience throughout the entire customer journey – catering to the needs of subscribers at every Decision Moment. In this post, we’ll explore the ways in which pay-TV operators can love their subscribers and get that same love back.

Looking for love in all the right places

Simply stated, the “Find” process is the ease by which subscribers can discover a pay-TV service either through organic means or through the operator successfully targeting them with marketing activities. Operators wanting to be discovered by potential new subscribers should aim for outreach via all possible means.

Due to the wide demographic of the pay-TV subscriber community, all contact mechanisms should be considered including email, SMS, social media and even via in-app feedback and surveys. It’s important to first cast the net wide, testing what works for each group, constantly adapting your strategy along the way.

Now that we’ve found love…

Once you’ve been found, it’s time to seal the deal. The “Join” process is the ability to make it as easy as possible for new subscribers to sign up for pay-TV services along with the successfully accepting the first payment, activating the service and delivering any required end-point device(s).

The key to getting a prospect to join lies in presenting a clear presentation of packages and pricing. Be sure to avoid the use of legal jargon and small print that could confuse or upset wary subscribers. Upfront and all-inclusive pricing will dramatically reduce calls to customer support as well as billing enquiries, reducing some of the costs associated with customer acquisition.

According to analyst firm SNL Kagan, there will be nearly 1 billion global pay-TV subscriptions up for grabs in 2017. Operators that pay special attention to improving upon the customer experience, especially during the all important “Find” and “Join” Decision Moments are more likely to capitalize on the fast-growing pay-TV market.

Download a copy of “How to Love Your Subscribers the 2017 Guide” for more advice and tips for “Find” and “Join”, as well as the other key Decision Moments.