How to Love Your Subscribers When They Leave

Nothing lasts forever. This is certainly true regarding the relationship between pay-TV operators and their subscribers, now more than ever before. In days gone by, there simply weren’t many options, forcing subscribers to stick with whatever TV service was available in their area. But times of change. Technologies like satellite, cable, broadband and streaming media devices have quickly changed the game, leaving subscribers eager to explore their options.

We have created a handy guide, “How to Love Your Subscribers the 2017 guide,” full of hints and tips where our experts explain why it’s critical for pay-TV operators to deliver a superior customer experience across each “Decision Moment”. In this post, we’ll present our handy tips on leveraging the “Leave” and “Win Back” moments of the subscriber journey.

When Love is Lost – The “Leave” moment is the point when a subscriber decides to end their subscription package. For service providers, the ultimate goal is to reduce the desire to leave, but if that proves impossible, ensure the exit procedure is smooth and as easy as possible. Think in terms of future profitability. The way you treat subscribers on their way out the door serves as a huge factor in whether they will revive their subscription in the future. Making it hard for them to leave will only ensure that they’ll never come back and you’ll never receive that potential revenue again. Your competitors will thank you.

Easy Exit, Welcome Return –  It’s imperative for operators to make the process of leaving as simple as possible. Confusing the leaving process with new offers can send the wrong message. Typically, when someone notifies you they are leaving – depending on the date – the rest of the month is still active until the contract is terminated. Use this time to entice people to stay with well-targeted win-back offers informed by the interests and information you already know about them.

Reunited and it Feels So Good! – The “Win Back” moment is the decision by a customer to return to a previously used subscription pay-TV service. This is a glorious moment for any service provider. The decision to come back may be triggered by many factors, ranging from a new high profile series or sporting event, special ‘come back’ offers or changes in financial circumstances. Whatever it is, be sure to welcome your former subscribers with open arms, letting them know that you are delighted to have them back.

As if You Never Left – Make it super easy for subscribers to re-join and carry on just as they had before leaving. Use the data you previously gathered about the customer to offer timely communications that take advantage of key events of interest, such as the next football match of their favourite team, entertaining the kids over the summer holiday or the third installment of a blockbuster film franchise that they watched during their time as a subscriber. This customised user experience will quickly make the subscriber feel right at home, as if they never left. It may even strengthen the relationship, making them think twice before leaving again.

We recently conducted a survey that found that one in four consumers have left a pay-TV service in the last 12 months due to a poor customer experience and 84% would cancel if a provider lets them down – proving that customer experience is now as critical as content and cost when fighting churn.

Over the last 18 years we’ve run thousands of campaigns for our clients to acquire, retain and win back millions of subscribers. Download our new guide, containing tons of advice and a number of tips we’ve learned along the way