How to run a successful Pay-Per-View event

The Pay-Per-View (PPV) market is growing quickly, with many types of TV service provider wanting a piece of the PPV pie. But where do you start if you’ve never delivered a PPV event before?

From inconsistent user experiences across devices to having little engagement with customers’ in-between events, there are many challenges when it comes to pay-per-view. Paywizard has been managing and delivering free-to-air and paid PPV events for our live sports, media and entertainment clients since 2001 so here are some tips and advice on how to run a successful event for yourself:

Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

First of all, once an operator has secured the content rights to an event, they need to think about the scale, expectations and forecasts. It’s important to work out what devices the event will be accessible on as well as looking at pricing and free-to-air options.

The genre of the event and time it will be shown also plays a big part in terms of how the service is marketed so this also needs to be discussed and decided. All of this information is very important and helps build a picture of what is needed in terms or software, services and support for the big day or night.

Start Marketing… Now

After the critical planning and preparation phase, it’s time to go public and start promoting the event. Dependent on the expected scale, promotion of the event is required on various platforms. From social media, web banners to magazines and TV, the more channels used, the better the outcome will be.

When it comes to PPV events, the most common time to purchase occurs on the day or within the last hour before the event occurs, so encouraging advanced registration is very important, using content or offers to attract interest. Early-bird offers and discounts can encourage people to sign up as soon as your buying window opens usually two weeks before the main event launch.

Build your Support System

In the minds of the customer, a PPV event needs to be easy to access with a speedy registration and purchase. Operators need a robust and scalable technology solution to handle high volume activities but also require a customer support system ready for any problems or issues.

When it comes to support, it can be offered in many ways. Having a team managing your landing pages online means you can have pop up support like web chat and give technical advice to anyone who is having issues online. Managing search terms and social media accounts is also important as customers may reach out for help or advice this way. Contact centre agents for customer support is also critical as a lot of people still prefer to talk to someone directly when it comes to looking for help.

Get yourself a Pop Up Service

Running a pay-per-view event is complex, and even harder if you’re new to the game.

Our brand-new PPV solution, Venue, has been designed to gives operators everything they need, all from one place. The software and services solution is designed for rights holders, sports clubs, federation and broadcasters to go to market quickly and drive revenue immediately.

Central to our philosophy is the relationship between the operator and the customer. Venue provides data-driven optimisation of the content journey throughout the critical PPV customer Decision Moment so operators can to build lasting relationships with their customers for the first time.

Take a new approach to PPV and turn monetisation from single events into a long-term, evolved service. Find out more about Venue by getting in touch today.