Help Can’t Come Fast Enough for Pay-TV Customers


OTT TV is a relatively young, fast-growing market, backed by cutting-edge technologies. TV is one of the few things that reaches far and wide in terms of demographics. Young and old, male and female, we can all agree on the joys of watching TV. Therefore, it’s important to remember that new SVOD TV services like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu will not be intuitive and easy to use for every segment of the population. Older generations, and even some younger, first-time users may need a little extra help in navigating and exploring unfamiliar TV services and making the service as user-friendly as possible, will ease many concerns and frustrations that users may experience.

Specifically, within the Consume and Bill moments of the TV subscriber lifecycle, there are five areas where operators should focus their help efforts:

The need for support –. The challenge is for operators to create user experiences that are satisfying to many types of people and although the market has quickly evolved, not ever consumer has evolved with it.. Therefore, providing help guides, on-screen pop-ups and helplines are vital to creating a good user experience for older demographics and others who aren’t very tech-savvy.

The race for loyalty – As discussed in a previous post, the first 90 days of a subscription is an important time to solidify the bond between operators and consumers. By helping the customer become acquainted with the service right away, they are more likely to stay loyal to that service in the long run.

The plea for help – We recently conducted a focus group – in partnership with Decipher – where many consumers expressed the desire for help. ‘“I want a helpline and an ‘idiots guide’ to the service. If they want me on board they have to earn my loyalty, and that means helping me use their system fully,” said Colin, Package Changer, Manchester.

The call for consumption – Increasing consumption is as easy as helping the consumer to find the content they want. This process has to be seamless and straightforward using tools such as search and recommendations to guide them in the right direction.

The demand for transparency – When it comes to subscription billing, transparency is key. Highlighting the billing section within the TV service and proactively pointing out and resolving issues like expiring credit cards builds a level of trust with users that ultimately leads to loyalty.

Providing assisted help to users is one of the best ways to retain TV subscribers. Some may not need it, but there are a surprising number of consumers who do. It’s important to take the guesswork out of using a TV service, providing clear, undisruptive guidance that will increase loyalty and consumption while building trust.

To learn more about the importance of assisted help throughout the subscriber lifecycle, download the paper.