The Great Migration: Moving from Billing-Based to Subscriber-Centric

the_great_migration_blogBy now you know that subscriber management is not just about billing. We’ve also shared the importance of shifting from a billing-based to a subscriber-centric mindset. In this post, we’ll cover some key steps in making the switch.

Keep in mind, this transition involves much more than simply transferring data from one platform to another. This part of the process is fairly straightforward. However, there are numerous other important areas where many organisations make critical mistakes that can often mask the benefits of making the shift. This includes replicating ineffective processes from the legacy billing-centric platform into the new, subscriber-centric one.

Having successfully delivered a significant number of migrations already, we’ve identified several critical steps to ensure a smooth and effective transition. Here are just a few to consider:

  • Migrate existing data: Planning is everything. Consider exactly what information is needed and in which format it needs to be captured
  • Redirect the presentation layer: Consider how you will move services such as logins, registrations, customer self-care, etc.
  • Integration accreditation: Prior to the switch, run an accreditation exercise to test the performance of your system and iron out any issues
  • Integrate with other systems: Your service should integrate with other systems such as broadband, ensure the tools are in place to seamlessly work alongside these other platforms

These are just some of the things you need to think about when planning a migration. From our experience, putting the effort in beforehand leads to a much smoother transition process throughout.

Advanced preparation can also bring significant long-term rewards, including enhanced customer loyalty across all of the consumer ‘Decision Moments’, as well as simplified subscriber management processes and administration. For more information on how to ensure a smooth migration, download our free migration guide, ‘More Than Just Billing’.