Discover the Paywizard difference for your business

When investing in any new technology for your business, it’s often hard to imagine what kind of results can be achieved by doing so before you make the purchase. The same is true when investing in a subscription, billing and CRM platform like the multi-award winning Paywizard Agile.

Here at Paywizard, we are so confident that our software will increase your bottom line, we’ve done the hard work of calculating the ROI for you! Our new calculator reveals how you can maximise revenue for your TV service by increasing subscriber acquisition and reducing churn, showing you the Paywizard difference for your business.

Decision Moments – a framework for success

For more than 19 years, Paywizard has supported global pay-TV clients around the world helping them to deliver inbound acquisition rates of up to 90%, outbound campaigns driving up to 25% conversions and churn reduction programmes achieving turn-around figures up to 60%. And what makes us different is our approach to how you can manage your customers. Paywizard Agile provides a framework centred completely on the customer journey to help you to acquire, retain and grow, loyal and paying subscribers throughout each key Decision Moment.

You can use real-time data insights and predictive analytics to make the right decisions, target specific customers with ease and provide personalised marketing communications and promotions to drive loyalty and growth. Allow our calculator to show you what using Paywizard can do for your business and revenues.

Using the calculator is as easy as 1,2,3

Step 1 – Start with the basics and tell us about your current business situation. Enter the number of subscribers you have, the number of subscribers you acquire, you Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and current churn rate, as well as selecting your currency.

Step 2 – Your revenue will then be displayed in the graph and you can move the sliders up and down to see the impact of changing your acquisition and churn rate with Paywizard.

Step 3 – Finally, you can see ‘The Paywizard Difference’ and download a personalised copy of your result to share with your colleagues in your business.

In making investment decisions, it is important to assess ‘the cost of doing nothing’ and by investing in Paywizard, you can improving both your revenue and relationship with your customer. Therefore, the question becomes, not can we afford to invest in Paywizard Agile, but can we afford not to?

Discover the Paywizard difference today and try our new calculator to see what we can do for you!