Digital TV Switchover is Headed Your Way, Are You Ready for This?

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The Digital TV Switchover is Headed Your Way, Are You Ready for This?

The entire world is going digital. While some may have already experienced a switchover event in their region, others will feel as though it doesn’t affect them. The reality however, is that your country is likely to be next.

Unfortunately, a digital switchover process doesn’t just happen; you must make it happen. Paywizard and Inview have been involved in switchover projects in the UK, Nigeria and South Africa and we will be providing you with dozens of guides, hints, tips and tricks all from our experts to help you experience a successful digital switchover. Here’s a sneak peak of what you can look forward to.

The Advantages – The digital TV switchover is beneficial for everyone involved:

• Government – who must stay in compliance with regulatory bodies
• Broadcasters – who will have wider coverage and opportunity to make money,
• The TV advertising market which will become more valuable
• The consumer who will have a better quality of TV service and more options for entertainment.

Best Practices – The actual switchover from analogue to digital happens in an instant, however, there’s a long planning period and processes that must take place behind the scenes before, during and after it happens, in order for the transition to be efficient and effective. Learning must take place, leadership must be appointed, volunteers must be mobilised and consumers must be serviced.

Things to Avoid – In order to have a successful digital switchover experience, organisations mustn’t fall behind on time or budget. The best way to ensure this is to ensure everyone keeps communicating and to bring in someone that has experience providing switchover support.

Monetisation – Once your country has switched over to digital TV there are many ways to monetise. Make sure you have the technology and support from key partners in place at the very beginning of your digital switchover journey, in order to reap the benefits further down the line.

Why Paywizard and Inview?

Paywizard is in a unique position to provide knowledge, consultancy and the technology necessary for successfully switching over to digital. For over 5 years, Paywizard supported the national switchover project in the UK, collaborating with the UK government and regulatory body Digital UK. Paywizard provided service support including contact centre operations, creation of comprehensive knowledge bases for customer self service and dynamic email marketing campaigns…to name a few. In 2015, Paywizard was brought in to help Inview and NAGRA with the NBC Nigeria Digital TV to deliver the technical infrastructure to enable the successful launch of pay-TV services. Paywizard’s subscription, billing and CRM platform integrates with NAGRA’s conditional access system and provides NBC with subscriber management capabilities, payment processing and voucher capabilities, alongside expert consultancy for contact centre management. Together, Paywizard and Inview possess the technological and operational expertise required to lead a successful DTT switchover project.

We’ve lined up a brilliant group of experts from Paywizard, Inview and Digital UK, with years of experience working with and providing counsel to switchover projects. These experts will provide countless tips and advice on how to make your upcoming digital TV switchover a success, so be on the lookout for their invaluable insights.

The switchover is coming, who will you trust to lead your region through the change? For help with your project contact us.