Dashing Through the Sand – Christmas TV Viewing in APAC

After conducting an international survey aimed at uncovering the TV viewing habits of consumers for the second year in a row, we found that 30% of those asked are planning to subscribe to a pay-OTT service for Christmas. In this post, we’ll look more specifically at the APAC region, which revealed some findings that are just as interesting as the countries they came out of.

Australia: Warming up to the Telly

Although Pay-OTT uptake continues to grow in Australia, the Aussies are the least likely group to gather in front of the TV around Christmas time. Of those surveyed, only 23% plan to subscribe to an OTT service this festive season (compared to 18% in 2015). While our research reveals that 46% are planning to watch more – 17% of Australians actually anticipate watching less TV at Christmas, and 37% intend to watch the same amount.

Paywizard Australian pay-TV operators

As for those providers that do manage to woo new customers this festive season, there is a big risk of losing first-time subscribers in Australia, as a whopping 59% appear set to cancel within six months. Overall, Christmas does not see as much of a spike in TV viewership in Australia as in other markets. This could be due to the fact that Christmas comes towards the beginning of the summer holiday, when some would rather spend time outdoors surfing waves instead of streaming shows. Despite this, there is a large opportunity for OTT operators to win new customers and convince them to stay post-holiday.


Singapore: Filled with Fresh Tidings

Unlike Australians, Singaporeans don’t let a little warm weather stand in the way of their Christmas TV watching. While the temperatures may be hot, the pay-OTT market is even hotter, with the number of consumers that have a service doubling to 45% (from 22% in 2015).

Moreover, 20% plan on subscribing for the first time – with an additional 12% of existing subscribers planning on signing up for an extra service (32% in total). While 62% of Singaporeans plan to watch more TV at Christmas –  54% of respondents are set to do so on mobile devices, more than in any other market, including a survey high of 39% on laptops.

Paywizard Singapore device preferences

Now for the bad news, a massive 66% of first-time subscribers expect to cancel within six months. Along with the explosive growth of pay-OTT in Singapore, comes a sense of excitement for trying out all of the new services coming to market. Consumers have adopted a dip-in-dip-out attitude as they test the new operator waters. This presents a challenge for operators to find ways to entice new customers to stay long after the holidays, once the novelty has worn off.

For deeper insights into the Christmas TV viewing habits of consumers around the world, download our paper, ‘OTT isn’t just for Christmas: The Gift that Keeps on Giving’.