Customer Experience and Data at the forefront of BVE 2018

Paywizard attended BVE 2018 last week which took place at the ExCel in London. Throughout the three-day event, which brings together professionals from the media, entertainment and creative industries, there were many seminar topics – from 2018 trend predictions and Esports to big data and OTT.

A common theme across the show was that customer experience should be at the forefront of businesses, and the best way to do this is to use data and analytics.

Big Data and the Role of Analytics in Building a Better Consumer Experience

A panel session discussing big data and the role of analytics in building a better customer experience brought up several interesting points on data, and the best practice for operators. The more data you have, the more accurate predictions you can make, but making sense of the raw data is key, as well as taking actionable steps with it.

Ed Haslam, Chief Marketing Officer at Conviva commented, “It’s important for broadcasters to move from seeing customers as audiences to viewers. Companies like Google and Netflix are forcing others to look at each individual viewer, and viewers have preferences.”

Dan Finch, Chief Commercial Officer at Simplestream believes it’s important though for operators to stick to what they know and to get in the experts where they can.

“Start to work with companies who are best with analytics. If you’re a broadcaster, stick to that.”

The DPP Trend Predictions 2018

The Digital Production Partnership, supported by Equinix, produced their first annual predictions in 2017 and done the same this year. There were a lot of discussions at the DVE session, which went through the results and there were a lot of contenders, from the public internet and getting cloud ready to new content aggregation and workforce diversity.

But what came out on top? The DPP Members have put businesses better understanding and managing their data throughout the value chain first on their list of 2018 predictions. They believe that many companies will find it a huge and uncomfortable cultural shift but the benefits of data-driven insight, planning and decision making are so great that most businesses will now put them at the heart of what they do.

Put Customer Experience First

At Paywizard, we believe that content is no longer king, your customers are. We developed our Decision Moments framework for operators to be able to manage their customers at each stage of the customer journey – Find, Join, Consume, Upgrade, Downgrade, Bill, Leave and Win Back. Our subscriber management platform uses data and insights to give operators a full, 360-degree view of their customers.

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