Customer analytics in the post-OTT age: Insights from European service providers

Insights from European service providers

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1 in 4

consumers have churned from a pay-TV service in the previous 12 months due to a poor customer experience

No. 1

Customer experience is ranked a top strategic priority by all service providers in this study


strongly agree that analytics is required to understand the customer journey and improve marketing and communication efforts


believe they are only at the beginning of their customer analytics journey and need to boost their ability to analyse data

European TV operators are failing to use subscriber data and analytics to ensure a positive customer experience for their TV channels and services. Customer experience has emerged as a key competitive differentiator in the pay-TV sector, with data analytics playing a critical role – but most operators don’t yet have the tools they need to keep their customers happy.

In our new study, in depth interviews with c-level executives from Pay-TV organisations, Telco’s, Broadcasters and OTT providers reveals the true reality of how customer data insight and analytics is being used today, and in the future, to maximise customer acquisition, reduce churn, grow revenue and deliver a superior customer experience.

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