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Paywizard provides BoxNation with a full subscription management capability – a one-stop shop to manage pre-registered and registered customers, allowing them to create a regular purchase subscription through MyPaywizard at the same time as registering for the BoxNation service.

Paywizard manages both consumer and Commercial customers for the channel. In addition to the subscription management and payment processing capabilities Paywizard provides BoxNation with its Operations services, including back office functions such as customer support and fulfilment.

It was critical for BoxNation that customer experience at both registration and subscription stage is first class.


BoxNation is the first ever channel dedicated to serving the UK’s live fight enthusiasts and sports fans. Since its launch in 2011 the company has grown rapidly and has a large subscription base across all platforms – DSAT (Sky), Cable (Virgin Media), Smartphone (both iOS and Android 4.0+) and via an online streaming service. Its experienced line up of knowledgeable presenters and high quality ‘big name’ fight action content have resulted in a rapidly growing subscriber base.


BoxNation required a partner that would help it launch and then grow the business with increased subscription volumes and evolving business models, whilst meeting the demands of its high-volume events. As it required a platform that enabled both registration for the service and completion of subscriptions along with very high levels of activity immediately prior to key events, it was critical for BoxNation that customer experience at both registration and subscription stage is first class.


BoxNation selected Paywizard as an experienced media payment partner that understood the complexities of launching new subscription services. BoxNation knew it could rely on us to enable them to launch quickly and hit their required time to market, putting in place the required infrastructure and trained resources to support the operation. Paywizard was its payment partner of choice due to our fast and secure payment mechanism. Alongside the MyPayWizard balance-holding customer account, we could provide further modules of our Payment and Subscription platform, including the powerful functionality of our Enterprise subscription management system and backed by the experienced support of Paywizard Operations. Integrated together, this platform enables BoxNation to meet the demands of scalable sports events, with their attendant high peaks of contact volumes. All of this provides BoxNation with flexibility for its evolving business along with the scalability that it needs for the future. Paywizard’s specialist media background, combined with its powerful Payment and Payment and Subscription platform made us the ideal choice.


BoxNation has deployed combined elements of Paywizard’s platform, enabling both subscription payments and content authorisation through third party conditional access (CA) systems since the launch of its subscription-based channel on multiple platforms (DSAT, Cable, Smartphone (iOS; Android 4.0+); and Online).

Using Paywizard’s unique dual registration, BoxNation customers are able to create a MyPayWizard account online and subscribe to the BoxNation service in one easy step. Our premium service ensures that BoxNation customers’ experience at the critical registration and subscription stages is second to none.

PayWizard manages multiple subscription types (e.g. Commercial customers as well as those of consumers) for BoxNation, securely and cost-effectively. The BoxNation subscriptions interface with Paywizard’s integration into Sky’s CA system (Cisco VideoGuard) and Paywizard controls the viewing entitlements.

BoxNation benefits from real time management information – our Payment and Subscription platform is setup to provide BoxNation with a complete customer view across all platforms, supplying them with real-time actionable data. Further marketing support is provided through vouchers that can be redeemed against promotional offers.

Paywizard Operations economically provide online customer care for BoxNation’s customers, making use of social media engagement (e.g. web chat, FaceBook and Twitter) to minimise costs and make best use of support resources. Fulfilment is also provided for the service, including dispatch of promotional items in support of marketing campaigns.

Sports event days provide BoxNation with particular challenges due to the high volume spikes in contacts. Paywizard supports BoxNation by providing crucial event day management – both technically and with customer support – from pre-event planning through to managing the high volume surges.


Fast time to market and reduced risk – our media specialist experience means we can launch quickly and on time, putting in place the required infrastructure and trained resources.

Effective data – BoxNation can create effective marketing strategies based on real-time actionable data, leading to increased ARPU.

Cost effective customer services – from Paywizard’s knowledgeable Operations service, to support and retain subscribers.

High availability – Paywizard provides a flexible and scalable solution to handle high volumes.

Reduce costs – minimise TCO and increase profitability, with the ability to scale revenue streams by leveraging our productised and mature systems.

Simple sign-up – one-step payment and subscription process provides a compelling user experience that reduces customer payment process abandonment.

Media expertise – leveraging Paywizard’s experience and resources means BoxNation benefits from expert systems and knowledge whilst keeping down costs.

“As a premium service, BoxNation’s customer experience at the critical registration and subscription stage must be second to none. We chose PayWizard as our payment partner because the Paywizard payment mechanism is smooth, fast and secure and because it gives us the flexibility and scalability that we need for the future.”

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