Paywizard wins Newbay Media ‘Best of Show’ award at NAB 2017 for second year running

·      Best of Show award honours outstanding products and services exhibited at NAB 2017
·      Paywizard and Genius Digital provide operators with a solution to identify what stage in the customer journey a subscriber is at and next-step actions
·      Partnership gives operators a 360-degree view of each subscriber including predictive churn analytics

Best of Show 2017Paywizard are delighted to have won a ‘Best of Show’ award by NewBay Media’s TV Technology magazine at NAB 2017. The award was presented to Paywizard and Genius Digital for the newly enhanced Paywizard Agile Platform that provides pay-TV operators with a full 360 data-driven view of each subscriber, including predictive analytics to identify propensity to churn, richer insight into viewing behaviour and personalised offer recommendations to action for subscribers at risk.

The award-winning partnership combines Paywizard’s technology and expertise on subscriber decision-making and transactional behaviour with Genius Digital’s ability to access vast usage data and provide actionable insights into consumer viewing habits across millions of devices.

Armed with this knowledge, pay-TV operators can now identify potential leavers with ease, gain an even greater understanding of what motivates customers to churn, boost customer engagement and deliver personalised marketing and offers that drive loyalty and growth.

Bhavesh Vaghela, CEO, Paywizard said “When we launched Decision Moments last year at NAB 2016, our vision was always to create a framework to help pay-TV operators to build better relationships with their customers. In the hyper-competitive TV market, this is critical for acquisition and long-term loyalty. Working with Genius Digital, to bring other data sets into the Agile Platform, provides the most comprehensive insight for our clients, driving better decisions and personalised next best action for their customers.”

Vaghela adds: “We are absolutely delighted to receive the Newbay Media ‘Best of Show’ award for the second year running for product innovation and will continue to enhance Decision Moment even further this year.”

Best of Show awards 2016

Last year, Paywizard launched ‘Decision Moments’ into the Agile platform, allowing operators to identify and proactively manage their subscribers during the key stages of the TV customer journey – Find, Join, Consumer, Bill, Upgrade, Downgrade, Leave and Win Back. The launch saw Paywizard win ‘Best of Show’ at both NAB and IBC during 2016.

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