‘Australian Internet TV to get Christmas boost but content drought may hamper loyalty’, says Paywizard survey


  • 43% of Australians plan to use a paid Internet TV service this Christmas
  • Over a quarter plan to leave within 3 months with a third citing lack of content as the reason
  • Worldwide, almost half of Internet TV subscribers plan to cancel within 6 months

15 December 2015 – Internet TV in Australia is set to surge this Christmas, with 26% of consumers already using a streaming service such as Foxtel Play, Netflix and Presto TV, and a further 17% planning to sign up to a service ahead of the festive season. This is according to a new Research Now study, commissioned by Paywizard, the expert in subscriber management for pay-TV. However, the study also shows that Australian Internet TV subscribers may not be entirely happy with these services as 29% intend to cancel within 3 months. 31% of consumers cited lack of content as the reason for leaving these new subscription services – the highest within the survey group.

Great news for providers – OTT TV will be a big hit for consumers this Christmas


These findings are part of a global study highlighting that Internet TV services will be a big hit with consumers around the world this Christmas, with 52% of viewers planning to use an online TV service during the festive season. The study, which surveyed consumers in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, the UK and US, analysed how consumers plan on watching TV this Christmas, which TV services they prefer and which devices they plan to use.

Although adoption of Internet TV in Australia matched the average of the group, Australians emerged as the most unlikely to both sign up to new services and consider embracing more than one Internet TV subscription (39%). Free TV services do however prove popular with Australians, as over three quarters of consumers (77%) plan on watching free TV channels over Christmas.

  • 87% of Australians will sit in front of the TV screen to watch television this Christmas
  • Mobile viewing is on the rise, with 38% of consumers stating they plan to use a laptop, tablet or mobile at Christmas
  • Australian millennials prefer using streaming services via laptops and tablets (55%) in comparison to older generations (19%), who prefer to stream via a TV screen
  • Almost a third (32%) of consumers plan to watch a DVD or boxset at Christmas.

The traditional TV still stands strong as the device of choice for watching TV over Christmas


“While Australians are clearly warming up to the idea of paid streaming services – especially over the festive season – there is room for Internet TV service providers to do more to meet the potential, especially when it comes to content,” said Bhavesh Vaghela, Chief Marketing Officer at Paywizard. “With the dominance of Netflix in the region and a strong public broadcast network, new Internet TV entrants must start to rethink both what they are offering and how they are offering it. By considering opportunities like adding local content and gaining a better understanding of the subscriber community, new players will be able to build stronger, more loyal relationships with customers.”

The full Australia infographic is available to download here. The complete Paywizard study, entitled ‘OTT isn’t just for Christmas’, is available to download here.