7 Ways to Find and Engage Your Target Audience via Social Media


There was a time when pay-TV operators only had to compete on content and price to win customers. Today, that strategy will likely drive the customer to abandon loyalty and chase the best deal available.

Customers want great subscription packages, compelling introductory offers and timely engagement. One of the most cost effective ways to engage a customer today is often through social interaction. In our fast-paced world, social media is one of the best place to find people – and for people to find you.

According to our latest consumer focus group research, conducted by Decipher, there are 8 key Decision Moments across the pay-TV subscriber lifecycle. In the first moment, ‘find’, pay-TV operators build awareness and drive acquisition. It is during this ‘find’ moment that social media can play a key role in gaining the attention of potential new subscribers.

Based upon our own experience and knowledge take from these recent focus groups in London, Manchester and New York, there are a number of key ways operators can use social to be discovered by new customers.

  1. Gossip – Your friends – both online and off – are constantly talking about the shows they watch. Don’t be the odd one out, stay ‘in the loop’ by subscribing yourself and watching too. This way, you’ll never be left out of a movement and your friends will never again spoil an ending for you.
  1. Community – The great thing about social media is that it allows small communities of like-minded people to join together, no matter where they are in the world. Oftentimes, these people discuss certain shows offered by particular TV services, almost like a cyberwater cooler moment. Once people find and join a service, they become a part of this online community. Perhaps no one in your circle watches Doctor Who – so jump online and you’re certain to find a league of loyal fans who do.
  1. The cult – There are certain shows – Breaking Bad or House of Cards for example – that become ‘cult classics’ before they even end. One of the best ways to join in on the social ‘cult’ is by subscribing to a TV service just ahead of the final season airing!
  1. Social brand interaction – Although a particular television programme may not have a social media page, a number of actors within the show may be promoting it on social media. Many shows do have social feeds and regularly post about upcoming episodes, behind the scenes footage, as well as exclusive clips. This brand interaction may also involve the particular TV service on which the show is available, leading potential customers to find and join a service.
  1. Brand awareness and engagement – Oftentimes, brands may use social media to create awareness for a show. Netflix, for example, goes to great lengths to build awareness of its shows through social media (such as their Orange is the New Black Season 4 trailer promotion). Another strong example is the Game of Thrones’ 3D video of their opening credits scene. On the flipside, actress Emma Thompson recently criticised TV shows and movies for hiring actors based on their large social followings as opposed to their talent.
  1. Social conversation – Today, brands and TV services are encouraging social conversation during TV shows, allowing the awareness around them to build, thanks to dedicated hashtags highlighting a way for more people to not only find new shows, but to find the services on which they are being broadcasted. Scandal is particularly masterful at this, by simply tweeting a question with the hashtag #AskScandal during the show, Kerry Washington herself just may answer you.
  1. Offline interactions – Believe it or not, some people still manage to have actual watercooler moments. Online conversations can very quickly move offline amongst friends, family and co-workers, as they discuss the latest episode of a TV show and what they think about it. If you’re in a heated discussion over House of Cards with your Facebook friends, it’s likely that you may seek out the opinion of a co-worker during your lunchbreak.

Ultimately, there are many ways that pay-TV operators can leverage social to be found. By creating multi-platform marketing campaigns that reach across various channels and into social media, building awareness of your service across all networks and posing the right offer at the right time, you’re certain to acquire new customers.

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