62% of US Audience Considering Multiple Internet TV Services for Christmas

Americans quick to sign up, also quick to cancel Internet TV services post-holiday season

Christmas in the US is synonymous with family feasts, candy canes and presents under the tree, not to mention, snuggling up with loved ones in front of the TV. Today, the vast majority of Americans watch between six to twenty hours of TV each week over the Christmas, according to the results of a Paywizard survey. In fact, 25% will watch more than 20 hours of TV per week during the holiday season.

A Multi-Screen Christmas


Most will partake via TV and laptop, while 48% will use a mobile device to watch TV during the holidays. Traditional TV service providers like Comcast, DirecTV and PBS are still the first choice for watching, whether opting for paid (80%) or free (75%) services.

Although 34% of people within the US still like to watch DVDs and box sets (particularly females under 55), 40% of those surveyed are already using a subscription service like Netflix. US consumers are most willing to pay for their entertainment experiences in general, with a massive 80% using paid-for TV services – far greater than other countries surveyed.

Interestingly, of the 33% who don’t plan on subscribing to a service at all, surprising 70% say they have plenty to watch on their current TV service and are uninterested in online video. Despite this, the US has a higher proportion of people using free streaming websites but much less using free, on demand services like Go90, compared to the other countries surveyed.

Yo-yos for the Holidays


62% of US viewers surveyed would consider signing up for more than one Internet TV service, this is especially true of those under 55 years old. 62% will keep their service for one year, however 1 in 8 (13%) plan to end their subscriptions in January and 38% of all subscribers plan to leave within 6 months. Younger viewers are the most likely to defect to another service citing cost and lack of quality content as the main reasons for hitting the cancellation button

Numbers like this are sure to have Internet TV service providers’ heads spinning, Beetlejuice style. Upping the ante on content, while being conscious of price are the keys to keeping US audiences streaming well after the Christmas trees come down. Operators that take it a step further, by focusing on the customer experience with new offerings such as 4K streaming and new pricing bundles, are much more likely to gain customer loyalty.

For more insights into the Christmas TV viewing habits of consumers in the US and beyond, download the paper here.