50% of Singaporeans to Stream Internet TV this Christmas

Nearly a quarter of consumers already subscribing to an Internet TV service, with an additional 22% planning to sign up for Christmas

Don’t let the fake snow fool you, Christmas in Singapore is nothing less than spectacular, offering residents all the sparkling lights, food and shopping one can stand, this island’s Yuletide spirit is second to none. With the streets filled with carolling, concerts and parades, it’s no wonder there won’t be many Singaporeans sitting in front of the TV screen. In fact, most citizens will watch only 3-10 hours of TV per week over the Christmas holiday, much less than other countries, according to a recent Paywizard survey.


Moreover, the survey revealed that 1 in 5 Singaporeans are planning to sign up to Internet TV services this holiday season, with StarHub Go being the top service of choice. Over a third of consumers will use free streaming websites to watch TV this Christmas, which could be due to the fact that Singapore has one of the highest rates of piracy in the world. Interestingly, of all the countries surveyed, Singaporeans are least likely to watch DVDs, least likely to watch TV via games console but most likely to watch TV on a laptop this holiday season. More than half, however, will watch TV via mobile phone.


While nearly a quarter already subscribe to an Internet TV services, with an additional 22% planning to sign up for Christmas, many other consumers are keen to exhaust free TV options – 48% think there is plenty to watch and 21% will opt for on demand channels like Toggle.


Key reasons for the 22% increase in planned Internet TV subscriptions include content (39%) and cost (26%). Additionally, when it comes to TV subscriptions, Singaporeans are more influenced by their friends and family than any other region (18%).

Despite interest in Internet TV heating up, Singapore remains a fragmented market with 2 in 3 Singaporeans plan to cancel within 12 months – the highest churn rate of all regions surveyed so operators will have a tougher time holding on to Singaporeans as customers long term. Cost is the major reason for cancellation at 29%, but 12% simply want to try their hand at another service, although 55% indicated they would consider signing up for more than one.

Singapore continues to be a fragmented market with high rates of churn, due to the amount of free and pirated streaming options available, making this a difficult market to master. Internet TV operators would be wise to offer enhanced customer experiences that far outweigh any benefits received from utilizing free resources.

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