50% of Brazilians Will Sign Up for Internet TV this Christmas

Internet TV Services in Brazil Growing Faster than Any Other Region

It’s Christmas time in Brazil, the nativity scenes are set, “Noite Feliz” (Silent Night) is playing on repeat and Papai Noel is filing up his magic sleigh. What’s more, Brazilians are signing up for Internet TV faster than you can say “fa la la”, according to a new study commissioned by Paywizard. With 29% already subscribed to a paid Internet TV service, more than any other region besides the US, half of Brazilian consumers plan to sign up to a service prior to Christmas.


Of those planning to sign up for an Internet service, 44% will opt for a Netflix subscription. Despite the growing affinity for internet TV, 61% of Brazilians will watch Christmas TV via a traditional TV service provider like Sky Brasil and 19% will take advantage of DVDs and box sets, while on demand services will only account for 2% of holiday TV viewing this year.

Brazilian consumers are using mobile devices more than any other region surveyed, boasting the highest level of mobile TV viewing this Christmas. While a third of consumers will use a mobile phone to watch TV, a quarter will use a tablet and 11% will opt for a game console – higher than any country surveyed with the exception of the US.


In Brazil, content is king, as 52% will subscribe because they want to see a specific series or film, 23% think there is lots of stuff to watch and 19% think Internet TV is a good value for the money. While 47% don’t plan on cancelling post-holiday season, 29% will cancel within six months of Christmas, citing cost, content and competition as top reasons for leaving.

Brazil is one of the world’s fastest growing countries for Internet TV, thanks to an annual Internet subscriber growth of 7%. It’s still a relatively untapped market for Internet TV providers, compared to heavily saturated markets like the US. Reducing churn and enhancing customer experience will be key in conquering this region. With temperatures up to 84°F, Brazil may be hot at Christmastime, but streaming TV is even hotter this holiday season.

The complete Paywizard study, entitled ‘OTT isn’t just for Christmas’, is available for download here.