5 Top Tips for Exceptional Customer Engagement

A customer has just signed up to your TV service and started to consume content – but what happens next? Research reveals that 50% of new subscribers will cancel within the first six months, so positive engagement with your customers within the first 90 days in particular is absolutely crucial when it comes to long-term consumer loyalty. At this stage, engagement is key to provide the best customer experience –  the happier a customer is the less likely they are to leave. So, how can you improve your customer engagement? Here are 5 top tips:

  1. Be Proactive – Nobody has ever complained about too much assistance and it’s best to proactively offer support through as many channels possible to accommodate your customers. Assistance can come via telephone helplines, idiot guides, on-screen pop-ups and even video tutorials. Giving your customer the help they may need, before they even know they need it, is the easiest way to get them consuming content and growing a positive relationship with your business right from the start.
  2. Personalised Communications – Tailor your SMS, phone and email campaigns for specific individuals or customer groups. Make your customers feel special – use their name in communications, signpost their favourite shows, wish them a happy birthday and provide offers or content alerts based on their preferences. Regularly ask them questions and record this information for future insight.
  3. Use Data Wisely – Data is really important for successful, personalised and pro-active engagement with your customers. Record viewing behaviours, device and content preferences, transactional information and brand engagement to get rich insight into each individual customer. Consolidate and store this information is one system and use this insight to influence your marketing initiatives and customer engagement strategies.
  4. Protect Your Brand on Social Media – With social media booming around the world, social platforms are often the first place that many customers go to express their feelings about your service, both positively and negatively. This offers a unique and powerful opportunity for you to engage with your customers in real time – whether they are praising their favourite series, talking about a negative experience or complaining about something not working. You can interact with your customers quickly, offering your help, advise or even a simple ‘thanks’ for a positive comment. Also, consider offering Q&A opportunities for customers using Facebook Live for general help using the service and as an opportunity to signpost new content.
  5. Bring Back Memberships – Remember the 80s and 90s when fan clubs and memberships were everywhere? You can offer the same for your TV customers, especially if you are a niche content provider. Our client Racing UK are a great example of this working really well – for example when a customer signs up, they become a member of the Racing UK Club, the biggest horse racing club in the UK, which invites members to extend their passion for racing from on-screen to on-course. They receive a stylish membership box in the post full of information and goodies including free tickets to race days. Memberships, therefore, are an exciting way to engage customers as well as demonstrating that having your service has its’ privileges.

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