5 Key Trends from IBC 2017

IBC’s 50th anniversary show is now over; with days filled with many great meetings, presentations, panel sessions and more. IBC, in Amsterdam this week hosted over 1700 exhibitors and holds its title as the largest media and technology industry event in Europe. Showcasing cutting-edge technology, highlighting the latest trends and strategies for TV and video services, plus the technology of the future in the future zone… there are lots to see and do at the show.

With industry news and trends announced throughout IBC 2017, Paywizard has brought together 5 of the key trends we would like to share with you:

  1. Voice and AI voted hottest new trends

At the IBC Conference on Friday, the technology heads from Channel 4, IBM, Liberty Global and Ericsson unanimously agreed that broadcasters and media companies should be investing in is voice UI and AI technologies.

Adrian Drury, technology strategy and insight director at Liberty Global commented “Voice UI is what our customer base wants and we’ve been doing a lot of work around that.”

“It will be important in pulling insights out of video content, for automatic metadata generation, smart search and even for monetisation – finding out what content and ads consumers are most interested in.”

  1. Pay-TV providers “must build deeper relationships” with customers

Consumers have so much choice these days and Jeff Hunter, Chief Architect at YouView commented at a Platform Futures conference session that “Unfortunately not everyone can be the world’s biggest pay-TV provider.”

“The key is to understand the user and personalise their experience. You also need to get smarter – driving insights from the data you collect”, he added.

“At the end of the day for pay-TV it’s about locking in customer relationships you have built up over time.”

  1. 360-degree video

A hot topic this year was Facebook attending IBC Show for the first time, showcasing new innovation in the form of a live 360-degree video broadcast via satellite live at the show from Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications.

Facebook360 were in Hall 14 at the RAI with their partner Blend Media, who partnered to enable 360-degree video and photo creators to explore new technologies and creativity in this exciting format.

  1. The rise of eSports

ESports is finally emerging as a major new opportunity for broadcaster to build younger audiences. With the market forecast to reach nearly $700 million in 2017 and Mercedes-Benz committing to $1m sponsorships to eSports, it’s no wonder the media industry has started to take notice.

Michiel Bakker, CEO of Ginx TV at Platform Futures conference session ‘eSports: the new broadcast game?’ commented “Facebook now has a global head of eSports, while the BBC has licenced eSports content for BBC3.”

He also warned though, that “You have to be credible and authentic or the eSports audience will sniff you out real fast.”

  1. The excitement of 5G

The topic of 5G was discussed throughout the show, and everyone seems to be fired up by the potential of it. NBC has said it’s excited about what it has to offer for sports fans and being able to give them a better user experience on mobile.

NBC Sports Group Digital CTO Eric Black commented at an IBC Conference session on ‘What will 5G mean for Media?’ that “We have seen a massive growth in IP video distribution so for us 5G mobile is a fantastic use case.”

“It’s all about making our content more immersive. What we have seen is that the higher the quality of the video we push to users the m ore engaged they are.”

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