43% of Australians Plan to watch Internet TV this Christmas

43% of Australians Plan to watch Internet TV this Christmas

A Whopping 40% Will then Cancel within 6 Months of the Holiday Season

Christmas falls in the middle of Summer in Australia. Perhaps Rudolph is sipping piña coladas on the beach, because here, Santa gives the reindeer a rest as the kangaroos go to work delivering the presents. Despite Australia’s lovely holiday weather, a great many will spend time indoors, watching TV.


A survey commissioned by Paywizard revealed that TV and set top boxes, from operators like Foxtel or Optus, are the top two devices Aussies will use to indulge in TV over Christmas, while 38% will be using mobile devices. Additionally, 32% will opt for DVDs and box sets and 43% plan to use an Internet TV service like Foxtel Play, with 21% already subscribed.

Despite the growing popularity of online video subscription services, 57% don’t want one, as they are quite happy with the content provided by their current TV service as well as the availability of free channels or on demand services.


Aussies however like options, 39% are considering signing up to more than one Internet TV service this Christmas. The good news is, many of them will stick around, as 30% don’t plan on cancelling. The reason – 40% think internet TV services offer lots to watch and 33% think they offer a good value for the money.


As for the 40% who will cancel in less than six months, having a library of rich content is the single biggest factor in subscriber retention, at 24%, while another 24% cancel due to cost. Internet TV service providers would be wise to make it worth their while to stay. This could be accomplished by extending offers that enhance the customer experience, which starts with truly getting know this subscriber community and giving them exactly what they want, be it more local programming, premium content or international offerings.

Now, slide on those thongs, throw a shrimp on the barbie and let the Christmas festivities commence!

The complete Paywizard study, entitled ‘OTT isn’t just for Christmas’, is available for download here.