41% of Germans Plan to Stream Internet TV this Christmas

Germans still least likely to pay for TV services compared to UK, US, Brazil, Australia and Singapore

It’s that time of year, children all over Germany have left their carefully crafted letters to Christkind on their windowsills, the Christmas trees are beautifully decorated and the smell of gingerbread houses fills the air. Yes, the Germans are hard at work, making the season bright; but how many will add watching TV to their Advent calendars this year?


A new survey commissioned by Paywizard reveals that 16% of Germans are already using streaming services like Maxdome, RTL Now and Sky Snap, while an additional 24% of consumers are intending to sign up to these services for Christmas. Those over the age of 55 will watch the most TV this Christmas, with almost half (47%) saying they will watch more than 20 hours of TV per week. Subsequently, 84% of Germans will take the traditional route, opting to sit in front of the TV screen for their Christmas TV fix.


Conversely, mobile devices are increasing in popularity, with 43% planning to use a laptop, tablet or mobile phone to watch TV this Christmas. Additionally, more than a quarter (27%) of German consumers will watch DVDs over the holidays, and those 25-34 years old are the most likely to use Internet TVservices this Christmas (53%).

The majority of German viewers intend to take advantage of free channels (78%) during the Christmas period, while only 38% plan to watch paid for services and 39% plan to catch up on their favorite shows on demand for additional content.


German consumers surveyed are 50% more likely to sign up for Amazon Prime Instant Video this Christmas over Netflix. One reason –  consumers are also being offered the Amazon Prime Music service, with a back catalogue of more than 1 million songs, to sweeten the deal.

Of those planning to sign up for an Internet TV service this Christmas, 52% will cancel within the next six months, while 41% have indicated they will stay for one year. Depth of content serves as both the biggest factor in customer churn, as well as an Internet TV service provider’s best asset in convincing German consumers to stay.

With that said, as providers continue to beef up their offerings, good content will no longer be enough to put the brakes on customer churn.  Customer experience will become the key differentiator among service providers, and those smart enough to begin treating viewers as valued customers will certainly rise to the top.

As they say in Germany – ‘Frohe Weihnachten’ to you and yours!

The complete Paywizard study, entitled ‘OTT isn’t just for Christmas’, is available for download here.