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Corporate Social Responsibility

The MGt Group incorporating PayWizard plc and MGt plc


The MGt Group has established this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy to demonstrate, and communicate to interested parties, group’s commitment to CSR.

The MGt Group has considered the environmental and social impacts of its commercial activities and has implemented a number of initiatives and processes to minimise the negative impacts and maximise the positive impacts.

  • The group is a significant employer in the Fife region, with offices in the towns of Kirkcaldy and Methil
  • The group offers a wide variety of roles and provides training and development, where required
  • The group provides a number of services, including, but not limited to, contact centre services (both inbound and outbound contact handling), revenue services & credit control, fulfilment & logistics, business information/ reporting, professional services (including business analysis & project management), and technology solution services to a variety of Clients, predominantly, but not exclusively, for the Broadcast sector.
CSR Enhancement Initiatives

The MGt Group has deployed a number of initiatives to maximise the positive impact of its commercial activities, including, but not limited to:

  • Recycling of specific items (e.g. paper, plastic bottles, cans, toner cartridges, mobile telephones, stamps, and packaging)
  • The set-up of an Employee Wellbeing Group – represented by all areas of the organisation, the group meets every second month to discuss issues and potential initiatives
  • Community Projects – established a group represented by all areas of the business, who meet periodically and co-ordinate community-based projects covering both environmental and charity-type projects
  • Charity support – whereby fund-raising activities are organised throughout the business year to raise funds for nominated charities (e.g. Children in Need, Maggies, and the Community Projects Group supporting local groups and services)
  • Founder member of the Fife Economy Partnership to identify and drive forward srategic policies and initiatives to grow the Fife economy
  • Set-up donation scheme - whereby donations are made by employees, for a specific charity, rather than giving Christmas cards to colleagues (in 2008 we supported the SSPCA)
  • Specific area established on MAPLE, and updates posted periodically
  • Energy – consumption and cost reduction
  • Energy awareness campaign, whereby posters and stickers have been posted around the office suites/sites encouraging staff to switch-off equipment when not in use, where possible
  • Energy awareness – specific area within MAPLE and monthly article within MAGNET – advising staff of energy consumption reduction and cost saving initiatives – practical advice for at home as well as in the work place
  • Dyson Airblade Hand Dryer – installed within the main washrooms at corporate headquarters Cluny Court and Iona House – reducing paper towel consumption by over 50%, and therefore significantly reducing waste to land-fill.

The MGt Group's CSR Policy is designed to:

  • Support staff retention
  • Encourage employee involvement
  • Support local community-based projects and services
  • Support nominated charities
  • Encourage staff to nominate local organisations that would benefit from support from the group (financial and / or resource-based)
  • Reduce impact on environment by recycling items and reducing waste to land-fill; and
  • Reduce energy consumption and costs.

Jonathan Guthrie
Chief Executive, MGt Group
26 January 2009